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In love, we are better for a point of view, the love as a friend get along, perhaps, our love will be more lasting.
We do not use the discerning eye to look at the partner, we may wish to use a more tolerant look to see partner. We do not forget that our beloved partner, in itself there is such a lack or shortcomings.
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We do not have to wear colored glasses to look at her partner. Whether friends or lovers, we should be treated equally. Our passion will always die, but love and friendship still coexist.
Men want to know, let a woman on their own righteousness is the failure of men. So, you do not let women unfeeling you. A woman only by you to the impasse, she will be righteousness to you. But where she is still attached to you and sad, she will not bear to leave you regardless.
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Love Ye Hao, friendship worth mentioning, in fact, we are on the road to the life of the lights. We need to rely on love and friendship live. Let us cherish every moment we have feelings, with a sincere heart to wate them, and then harvest the best fruit of life. In the case of
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